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OpenNMS System Test API
8add75059247ca77047f45bb0b36a6f1f069bbf3 8add75059247ca77047f45bb0b36a6f1f069bbf3
OpenNMS Bamboo Utils
c5b0514a984dd599487469d47e6a69527d55515a c5b0514a984dd599487469d47e6a69527d55515a
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OpenNMS System Test API
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Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 8add75059247ca77047f45bb0b36a6f1f069bbf3 8add75059247ca77047f45bb0b36a6f1f069bbf3 make address configurable with a system property
OpenNMS Bamboo Utils
Author Commit Message Commit date
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed c5b0514a984dd599487469d47e6a69527d55515a c5b0514a984dd599487469d47e6a69527d55515a ignore host address if not set
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 98be0035f4f1ed507885b770767916451d59ddfb 98be0035f4f1ed507885b770767916451d59ddfb if host address is set in bamboo, pass it to smoke tests
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 0e8c7d488a1a724ad1fcc8f9d4c7ce6bbfdcd674 0e8c7d488a1a724ad1fcc8f9d4c7ce6bbfdcd674 shellcheck fixes
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed c107d91e3f19000a5d72f0369e9251bc71a643fb c107d91e3f19000a5d72f0369e9251bc71a643fb attempt to determine the primary host IP automatically