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OpenNMS (develop branch)

  • Bamboo Administrator

    Bamboo Administrator 508a8b0b62b56a4f45440f28026581b3198ec70a

    [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from release-21.0.3:463209d4b85760256a6e3c626a0a376977c9672b)

  • Jesse White

    Jesse White 463209d4b85760256a6e3c626a0a376977c9672b m

    Merge pull request #1809 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-9808
    NMS-9808: Bump AsciiDoctor dependencies and update theme

  • Ronny Trommer

    Ronny Trommer 8a41e616d4dd77e91428fe4f394bf46251e3a877 m

    Bump AsciiDoc dependencies and update theme

    • pom.xml (version 8a41e616d4dd77e91428fe4f394bf46251e3a877)
    • opennms-doc/asciidoctor-default.css (version 8a41e616d4dd77e91428fe4f394bf46251e3a877)


  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed ee7d80bd0d5e7fb84d4608d41065183a3fb84ca1

    fix typo in platform

    • share/ (version ee7d80bd0d5e7fb84d4608d41065183a3fb84ca1)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed a93bd66e47d9b00dd6bdd706c2f4118e268a64a3

    bump copyright, add fc27

    • share/ (version a93bd66e47d9b00dd6bdd706c2f4118e268a64a3)
    • share/ (version a93bd66e47d9b00dd6bdd706c2f4118e268a64a3)