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Jesse White Jesse White e935642cf7fa418320cf3693e6e7521c6a5423c7 e935642cf7fa418320cf3693e6e7521c6a5423c7 NMS-10568: Remove stray System.err() call.
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed d5562ec231fbbbf18736d903a806c17408c398cc d5562ec231fbbbf18736d903a806c17408c398cc NMS-10565: more improvements to shell scripts (#2359)
* NMS-10565: more improvements to shell scripts

* allow overriding JAVA_SEARCH_DIRS in `` for testing
* allow specifying an individual java path to check in ``
* support skipping the default JAVA_SEARCH_DIRS in ``
* change `runjava` to always use `` if possible to
  validate java versions, which has stricter/better version-processing
* allow adding one or more additional search paths to the `runjava`
  command-line to aid in testing
* resolve symlinks to make it easier to know what the "real"
  $JAVA_HOME being resolved is
* add tests for ``
* more test coverage for `runjava` including searching multiple
  test JDK directories
* fix shunit2 `assertEquals` (expected is the 2nd arg, not 1st)

* NSM-10565: make sure HOME is not set during tests (avoid ~/.opennms-dev)

* NMS-10565: create a utility library for array and conf handling

* NMS-10565: fix conf-file parsing

This PR changes opennms's `opennms.conf` parsing to handle any
combination of scalar or array-based variables, in multiple
configuration files.  This makes sure that mixing and matching
old-style `opennms.conf` from `~/.opennms-dev/` and from
`$OPENNMS_HOME/etc/` behaves properly, and provides robust
guards to make sure environment variables are always turned
into arrays before using them internally.

* convert `opennms` to use `$OPENNMS_HOME/bin/`
* fix `opennms` "dry-run" output to wrap arguments in quotes
  to aid in unit testing
* add an additional configuration file from Jesse to test against
* change all `` unit tests to check for quoted

* NMS-10565: if $TMPDIR is not set, fall back to a dir in /tmp

* use the return of `grep -q` directly

Co-Authored-By: RangerRick <>

* NMS-10565: updates from feedback, also fix an issue with var replacement
Chandra Gorantla <> Chandra Gorantla <> e3eaa544e52dfc2d4a07a3808d2b2cf0574c50d2 e3eaa544e52dfc2d4a07a3808d2b2cf0574c50d2 OIA-4: Map collectors from integration api (#2345)
* OIA-4: Map collectors from integration api

* OIA-4: Move mappers to different class, add unit test.
Antonio Russo Antonio Russo dbd1addf0a36ad8d9cb9c6f2888a0d185e268297 dbd1addf0a36ad8d9cb9c6f2888a0d185e268297 HZN-1393: Send Topologies updates to Kafka (#2305)
* NMS-9273: Create Topology Service Updates in enlinkd

changes from branch jira/NMS-9273
Created topologies under features with OnmsTopology
Created a method to get a map of ip mac address
in ipnettomediatopologyservice and use it in LinkdTopologyProvider
Fixed package name for topologies in
Moved CompositeKey to enlinkd.service.api
Added updaters to enlinkd scheduler
Moved all the Pair logics to enlinkd service api
Created updaters for lldp, ospf isis and bridge
Created a super updaters class
Moved the topo linkd match tests to enlinkd service impl
Fixed distributed impl pom.xml
Added dependency for topolgies.service
and enlinkd.service enlinkd.persistence

* NMS-9273: Create Topology Service Updates in enlinkd

Added ipNetToMediaTopologyservice as a service
to Karaf

* NMS-9273: Create Topology Service Updates in enlinkd

Added nodeid,ifindex and port to ipnettomedia
When the entry is saved then an attempt to
get information from ipinterface and snmpinterface
is done

* NMS-9273: Create Topology Service Updates in enlinkd

Added MacPort that represents an unique port identified by
common found objects mac and ip.
Using the MapPort in LinkdTopologyProvider

* Fixed Header License

* Type OTHER is to be processed for IpNetToMedia

as valid to be persisted

* NMS-9273: Create Topology Service Updates in enlinkd

Fixed NPE in creating MacPort
Removed comments in LinkdTopologyProvider
Better logs and check for debug in IpNetToMedia
Also same mac address must be mapped to the same macPort

* NMS-9273: Create Topology Service Updates in enlinkd

Moved all the login for calculating topology
to BridgeTopologyService matchBridgeLink method
Moved getMacLinks from ipnetotomediaservice to BridgeTopologyService
Created a static method for generating a LinkdVertex from MacPort
Removing references for ipNetToMediaService in blueprint.xml

* NMS-9273: Create Topology Service Updates in enlinkd

Moved all linkdtopologypropvider data
to enlinkd.service.api
NodeTopologyService provide data fro vertex for LinkdTopoProvider
and EnlinkdUpdaters
Changed the topologies OnmsVertex to be less Linkd centric

* NMS-9273: Create Topology Service Updates in enlinkd

Fix test NMS-9273: Create Topology Service Updates in enlinkd
Avoiding dlupication of row in criteria

* NMS-9273: Merge entities before return result

* NMS-9273: Added OnmsTopologyPort and OnmsTopologyshared

* NMS-9273: Fixed NPE getPortMacs

guava Table does not support null index
using -1 when the node has no an snmpinterface

* Removed a typo not using super for create

* NMS-9273: Create Topology Service Updates in enlinkd

Added BridgeOnmsTopologyUpdater to enlinkd daemon
Moved all the static method to get the id from LinkdTopologyProvider
to enlinkd service Topology
Implemented the BridgeOnmsBridgeTopologyUpdaters
Changed OnmsTopology objects to support OnmsTopologyShared

* NMS-9273: Fixed Test Compilation

* NMS-9273: Fixed NPE

When creating a node check is OnmsNode is null

* NMS-9273: Create Topology Service Updates in enlinkd

Added TopologyService to enlinkd.service
this will allows updaters to run only
there are updates available
Create implementation for TopologyService and
also using this in bridge,cdp,isis,ospf,lldp
topology services
Enhanced test Nms17216 to check for updates

* Added forgotten files

* NMS-9273: Create Topology Service Updates in enlinkd

EnlinkdOnmsTopologyUpdater send only Topology Changes Messages
Enhanced the OnmsTopology for messaging
Added a test for LldpLinkupdaters
improvedi the TopologyLogger

* NMS-9273: Create Topology Service Updates in enlinkd

Removed protocol from OnmsTopology ref
Throwing OnmsTopologyException
when null object were found

* HZN-1377: Topologies REST service

Added a rest service for rendering topologies
using GrapML.
The endpoint 'topologies' will produce the list
of available topologies
The end point 'topologies/{TOPONAME}'
produces graphml data usable
by our graphml topology provider

* HZN-1377: added topologies service impl for test rest

Fix opennms-webapp-rest tests

* HZN-1377: Topologies REST service

Added rendering topologies for shared

* HZN-1377: Topologies REST service

Added IT test for topologies endpoint

* HZN-1377: Topologies REST service

Reworked Vertices so that the content of the
vertices is the same on REST and LinkProvider

* HZN-1377: fix test

EnhancedLinkdTopologyProviderTest testLoadSimpleGraph
set address is done

* HZN-1377: LinkdVertex tooltip

Added <p> htmp tag to tooltip string

* HZN-1377: LinkdEdge Tooltip

Added LinkdPort and moved
all the work for tooltip
on enlinkd service topology

* NMS-9273: Fixed log for scheduling updaters

* NMS-9273: Fixed NPE

Added checks for bridgeid and Bridge FT
to be not null

* NMS-9273: Fixed Cast Exception

Use ImmutablePair and ImmutableTriple

* NMS-9273: Fixed Cast Exception

Added Class TopologyConnection and

* NMS-9273: Added MacCloud to hold orphan mac address

A shared segment in Topology can have several type
of port end. We add mac that do not have an associated ip
in one vertex as a cloud
Added test for ipnetomedia and getIpMacPort

* NMS-9273-1: Fixed License Header

* Fixed Typo

* Removed a commented row

* Using String.format

* NMS-9273-1: added test for BridgeTopologyUpdater

* NMS-9273-1: Fixed Nms7918EnIt tests

All the test have been revisited and all
have been double checked

* NMS-9273-1: Fixed Load links of BridgeTopology

* Fixed an error

Typo extended a single if

* HZN-1377: Set up BridgeTopologyUpdater

The BridgeTopologyUpdater is made according to the
common specification

* HZN-1377: Using the same id from shared for Mac segment

* NMS-9273: Fixed NPE

* HZN-1377: Using everywhere getAddress from Topology

Creating standard methid to be used in different topologies api.

* HZN-1377: adding properly remote address for lldp

* HZN-1377: added tooltip to updaters

* HZN-1377: reworked generation of OnmsTopologyPort

setting tooltip and properl id

* HZN-1377: added id in the static method to create a OnmTopologyPort

* HZN-1377: Fixed tooltip inside grapmpl in topologies rest service

* HZN-1377: fixed NPE in tooltip

The generation of the tooltip ifor
cloud vertex uses a wrong id
Improved test to use TopologyConsumerLogger
also for Bridge topology

* Fixed NodeTopologyServiceIT test

* Removed unused snmpOnmsDao reference from linkd topo provider

* Fixed NPE, getDefaultFocus

* HZN-1377: added OnmsTopologyProtocol

Instead of a String it is better to use a class
This class will normalize the use of the protocols
String and let be identify as same Protocol
ignoring case

* Fixed a typo

* HZN-1393: send topology message to kafka

Added property to hold list of supported
protocol to send message for in
Added topologies.service.api dependecny in pom.
Added implementation in kafka producer.

* HZN-1393: fix blueprint

* HZN-1377: send topologies updates to kafka

Set up protobuffer for topologies messages
build OnmsModelProtos
implemented mapper for OnmsTopologyVertex messages

* HZN-1377: send topologies updates to kafka

Defined protos object and message
Rebuild protos
Worked ProtobufMapped

* HZN-1377: send topologies updates to kafka

Fixed test dependency adding topologies impl
Fixed test IT context adding OnmsTopologyDao

* HZN-1377: send topologies updates to kafka

removed the "Onms" prefix and the "Message" suffix
pushing a delete, we push a null record
updates will send the whole object
created topics for vertices, edges and segments

* HZN-1377: send topologies updates to kafka

Created protobiffer TopologyRef
that hols id and protocol

* HZN-1377: send topologies updates to kafka

Added proto TopologyVertexNode and TopologyVertexSegment
Added ifindex and ifname for TopologyPort
Reworked sendRecord to send bytes as key

* HZN-1377: send topologies updates to kafka

Removing topologies rest endpoint
Remove topologies dependency from

* HZN-1377: send topologies updates to kafka

Added ifAlias to SnmpInterfaceTopologyEntity
Added a method getPort to Topology for
setting up a string with port information
using this method in IpNetToMedia to persist port

* HZN-1377: send topologies updates to kafka

Refactored OnmsTopologyPort: added ifIndex and ifName
                             removed port
Refactored OnmsTopologyVertex: added address

* HZN-1377: send topologies updates to kafka

Fixed a typo in property set topologyEdgeTopic
Fixed KafkaProducerIT smoke test

* Fixed LinkdEdgeStatusProviderTest

Set up test according with behaviour in LinkdTopologyProvider

* Removed topologies dependency from rest measureamente

* Renamed OnmsTopologyShared to OnmsTopologySegment

* no changes at all restablish import order

* Added if control on LOG.debug to avoid calculation

* Used AtomicBoolean instaed of Boolean

* Removed linkd events

Obsolete events not used

* HZN-1377: send topologies updates to kafka

ifIndex and ifName fields are already called if_index and if_name
in other message proto from kafka

* Removed eventlistener from NodeDiscoveryBridge

* Topology updaters unregister implementation

Allow only registered upaters to
unregister for specified protocol

* Added reload configuration for enlinkd

Supported reload event for enlinkd.
Added reloadConfig to update configuration and reload daemon
Also let spring instantiate Updaters and BridgeDiscovery
Renamed common classes to NodeCollector and Topologyupdater

* OnmsTopologyLogger has actually received the expected messages

* Removed LOG entry from NodeDiscoveryIpNetToMedia

Only ine LOG entry is required for Discovery

* HZN-1377: send topologies updates to kafka

Removed OnmsTopologySegment
Removed Status NEW, only UPDATE and DELETE
are send as TopologyMessage
Reworked BridgeOnmsTopologyUpdater to
use Edges instead of segment
Updated kafka producer to use only
vertex and edge topics

* Fixed LOG to display protocol name

* Instantiate scheduler in init

The create scheduler is not used elsewehre

* Remove unused core daemon dependency

The core daemon is not need to be imported
into adapters

* HZN-1377: send topologies updates to kafka

Created a new updater NODES that provide
a topology with all OnmsNodes

* HZN-1377: send topologies updates to kafka

Added a default vertex for Topology
Added OnmTopologyDefaultVertex to be node focal
point for NODES topology

* HZN-1377: send topologies updates to kafka

Fixed Integration Test for updaters
NODES updaters must be added

* Fixed OnmsTopology clone

Need to set also defaultVertex

* Fixed potential NPE

check if default node is not null

* Fixed NPE in creating OnmsTopologyVertex

when creating a OnmsTopologyVertex
Node must be not null and
check if primary interface is not null too

* Fixed getIconKey

the icon key must be set using a special
set from sysoid

* HZN-1377: send topologies updates to kafka

Reworked LinkdTopologyProvider to
use topologies
Avoiding in such manner any code duplication
All the topology calculation
are made into the proper framework

* Always run topology if getTopology is called

run updates if is the first run

* Added test for defaults in TopologyProvider

* Schedule first updaters with initial sleep time 0

* Linkd discovery class improved

The Discovery rules
if is unscheduled do nothing
if is suspended only schedule itself
otherwise rundiscovery and reschedule itself

* Fixed getTopology

* send topology update to kafka

Added documentation for topologies update
to the developer guide

* HZN-1377: send topologies updates to kafka

Document Enlinkd , updated admin guide
removed bridge discovery interval
and added topology interval to Enlinkd configuration

* Fixed xsd for enlinkd-configuration.xml

update bridge_topology_interval
to be topology_interval

* Added to admin guide documentation for enlinkd daemon reload

* Updated enlinkd Bridge discovery documentation

* Updated admin guide for CDP and LLDP discovery

* Updated Admin guide with enlinks ospf and isis

* Updated Admin guide with kafka producer topology updates

* Updated Admin guide Kafka Producer

Added more details about OnmTopologyMessage

* Removed reference to enlinkd in BroadcastDomain Test

* HZN-1377: send topologies updates to kafka

Enlinkd configuration changes
resetting bridge topology interval
a different interval is needed for updaters
using topology_interval
Removed unusuful methods in EnhancedLinkd
related to configuration
update documention on admin guide

* HZN-1377: send topologies updates to kafka

Added a load method to topology updater
OnmsTopologyUpdater can be forced to load topology
bu remote service

* HZN-1377: send topologies updates to kafka

Added default config for brodge_topology_discovery
All the configuration properties have been added to
default config file woith default value

* Force loading NODES Updaters

load NODES topology every time getDefault is called

* Force loading topology when is called

LinkdTopologyProvider will call load every
time refresh is called

* Let enlinkd reloadTopology for updaters

added Reload Topology event to Enlinkd
event processor
when triggered the enlind provides to force
topology calculatiopn for updaters.
Minor changes about Enlinkd TopologyMap test

* Let enlinkd reloadTopology for updaters

Fixing NodeDetailPageIT canUseViewInTopology
forcing topology calculation sending
topology reload event

* Topology Update

Fix LOG for enhancedLinkd

* HZN-1377: send topologies updates to kafka

Set up a property for let the topology forced to be calculated
usually topology is build only when the topology service has updates
but in some case (for example the TopologyGenerator) this will not
produce an updates in topologyService.
so it is possible to force updates directly on the updaters
A force reload topology event will produce a build of the topology
also updates are sent to subscribers
mvrueden <> mvrueden <> 3639f017d016cb78439e563125d308d4b19d95d8 3639f017d016cb78439e563125d308d4b19d95d8 HZN-1423: Migrate to Bootstrap 4 and revert custom styling (#2325)
* WIP: Remove custom styling and only use default bootstrap styling for now

* Add simplified logo

* Remove unused images

* Resize logos

* Rework login screen

* Bump bootstrap to version 4.1.3

* Include docs link on login page

* Migrate panel to cards

* Make navbar render again

* Hack the NavBarController to allow modifying the navbar.ftl without re-compiling

* Make breadcrumbs render properly

* Add round borders to login form

* Adjust spacing between header and container

* Migrate list-inline to have list-inline-item children

* Rename control-label to col-form-label

* Migrate input-lg/sm to form-control-lg/sm

* Migrate help-block to form-text text-muted

* Migrate button-default to button-secondary

* Migrate btn-xs to btn-sm as btn-xs was removed

* Migrate btn-group-justified to use btn-group and d-flex

* Migrate table-condensed to table-sm

* Simplify navbar-branding and adjust logo placing

* Revert custom footer styling

* Add spacing for all cards

* Migrate all card-headers to be headers and not titles

* Make fonts a bit smaller

* Remove unused variable

* Migrate quick search box

* Use ui-bootstrap4 instead of angular-ui-bootstrap due to lacking bootstrap 4 support

* Migrate js/apps/search

* Harmonize quick search

* Enable custom-select

* Use custom-select for service selection

* Migrate Search Page

* Migrate Requisition UI

* Migrate Asset Page

* Migrate events

* Migrate alarms

* Migrate notifications

* Migrate Surveillance View (Vaadin)

* Migrate Status Outages

* Migrate heat map

* Migrate Status Trend

* Migrate Admin Applications

* Migrate Remote Poller Scan Reports

* Migrate Reports - Charts

* Migrate Resource Graphs

* Migrate KSC Reports

* Migrate admin/categories

* Migrate admin/notifications

* Migrate admin/support/systemReportList

* Migrate thresholds

* Migrate admin user and groups

* Migrate alarm summary box

* Migrate application summary box

* Migrate bsm summary box

* Migrate dashboard

* Migrate distributed status

* Migrate nodelist

* Migrate pagedList.tag

* Migrate database report pages

* Migrate rancid pages

* Migrate support/index

* Migrate about/index

* Migrate errors/*

* Make hover over dropdown actually show it

* Migrate account/selfService/*

* Migrate admin/bsm/*

* Migrate admin/discovery/*

* Migrate jmxConfigGenerator.jsp

* Migrate admin/manageEvents.jsp

* Migrate admin/snmpConfig.jsp

* Migrate userGroupView/roles

* Migrate wallboardConfig.jsp

* Migrate onms-classifications

* Add horizon and meridian theme colors

* Add opennms flavor to login.jsp

* Migrate help/index.jsp

* Migrate apps/onms-elementList/

* Migrate apps/angular-status/*

* Consolidate colors

* Rework login slightly

* Migrate rancidAdmin.jsp

* Migrate editServiceApplications.jsp

* Migrate monitoringLocation-elementList/main.html

* Fix failing smoke tests

* Migrate admin/sendEvent.jsp

* Migrate admin/mibCompiler.jsp

* Migrate pagination in classification ui

* Migrate graph/forecast.jsp

* Migrate *-box.jsp

* Migrate distributed/*.jsp

* Migrate some error pages

* Migrate admin/newInterface.jsp

* Bootsrap-rework: Migrated 4 more pages

* Bootstrap-rework: Migrated Notification-Path pages

* Bootstrap-Rework: Migrated noticeWizard pages

* bootstrap-rework: Migrated NRTG Grah View

* bootstrap-rework: Migrated the Data-Choice Dialog

* bootstrap-rework: Migrated some webassets

* bootstrap-rework: Migrated some more jsp's

* bootstrap-rework: delete bootstrap test page

* bootstrap-rework: Migrated Form-Validation in onms-requisitions

* bootstrap-rework: Migrated Form-Validation onms-classifications

* bootstrap-rework: Rewoked more Form-Validations

* Fix opennms header in vaadin full pages (topology, node maps)

* bootstrap-rework: Migrated Modify-Asset Form Validation

* bootstrap-rework: Removed Debug Message

* Remove unused jsps

* Some cleanup

* Fix empty space when invisible

* Fix sidebar in node graph page

* bootstrap-rework: Migrated Nodemanagement Pages

* bootstrap-rework: Fixed Dashboards-Dashboard Side Navigation

* bootstrap-rework: Fixed Migration Typo in onms-classification

* Use fontawesome instead of glyphicon

* Fix vaadin iframes to be full screen

* Make title smaller

* Migrate situation summary box

* Fix navigation hovering

* Add badges to node db ids etc on node page

* Fix links on node page

* Fix failing test

* Cleanup css

* Remove TODO

* Remove circular import

* Make the Card layout more compact

The bootstrap 4 card introduce a strong padding in the card components in the Web UI which leads to a blown up UI. This commit reduces the padding around the card / box components to make the UI layout more compact.

* Try to use SVG first and fallback to PNG

* Add space to have a better size/space ratio.

* bootstrap-rework: Removed Custom css for the id: access, since it seems out of use

* Fix svg logo sizing

* Revert padding of headers

* Make datetime better readable

* Remove unused wallpaper

* Point to opennms documentation landing page

* Fix navbar nav spacing and make time disappear when burger icon is shown

* Fix navigation sidebar in surveillance view

* Fix font-awesome icons not showing in vaadin aplications

* Fix different navbar in vaadin

* Adjust card spacing (make it smaller)

* Make fonts a tiny bit smaller

* Reduce spacing of breadcrumbs

* Fix some rendering issues with vaadin and navbar

* Fix detail pages in chrome/safari

* Make growl notifications content align correctly

* Fixup Classification UI (mostly spacing issues)

* Change link color to darker blue

* Make card header background darker (same as breadcrumb background)

* Rework header

* Fix color

* Fix bidirectional icons not showing up in classification ui

* Make Card-Headers slightly bigger

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