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b5a92eeecf61583f562847acd61975886b5ca8ac b5a92eeecf61583f562847acd61975886b5ca8ac
cacabc963c8e20c225ae81f81a69c8fe58ddc4c0 cacabc963c8e20c225ae81f81a69c8fe58ddc4c0
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Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator b5a92eeecf61583f562847acd61975886b5ca8ac b5a92eeecf61583f562847acd61975886b5ca8ac [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from release-24.1.3:448a450b066d9aa6c70927d4af0a81b6ec36fc27)
Ronny Trommer Ronny Trommer 448a450b066d9aa6c70927d4af0a81b6ec36fc27 m 448a450b066d9aa6c70927d4af0a81b6ec36fc27 Merge pull request #2644 from OpenNMS/indigo423-patch-1
Remove SNMP proxy hint
Jesse White Jesse White 88958d36c4f4f08e0c33af33cc276c8069ea9d98 88958d36c4f4f08e0c33af33cc276c8069ea9d98 Merge branch 'jw/jira/NMS-12207' into develop
Ronny Trommer Ronny Trommer 7a0d420e54260c9c54b9a8fb1ddecccbe959c256 m 7a0d420e54260c9c54b9a8fb1ddecccbe959c256 Remove SNMP proxy
The SNMP collector can be used with a Minion without any SNMP proxy functionality.
Jesse White Jesse White 179eb19af2b2e89b8451fd3dfe888413f363d45c 179eb19af2b2e89b8451fd3dfe888413f363d45c NMS-12207: Don't resubmit tasks to the pool if we're already in a pool thread.
Helps avoid potential deadlocks.

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