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OpenNMS (develop branch)
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Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator ae5ffdbe34ac9d127428c7ef45fd1574346222db ae5ffdbe34ac9d127428c7ef45fd1574346222db [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from release-25.1.1:b405b23f71ef649c4b6f3824ee8750603b4a533d)
Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator b405b23f71ef649c4b6f3824ee8750603b4a533d m b405b23f71ef649c4b6f3824ee8750603b4a533d [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from foundation-2019:46c29c8e648802665df3c32e6fb703c9c2466213)
Patrick Schweizer <> Patrick Schweizer <> 5eb73755e2b59ef8b6e98834ab1cc4918eaa603a 5eb73755e2b59ef8b6e98834ab1cc4918eaa603a NMS-10413: Prefix all shell commands with "opennms"
Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator 46c29c8e648802665df3c32e6fb703c9c2466213 m 46c29c8e648802665df3c32e6fb703c9c2466213 [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from foundation-2018:261a2130c3ffeae8d7b1ebea36f561243cad7042)
mvrueden <> mvrueden <> 1c493919a8233ab88ee923be694e9b70108e7179 1c493919a8233ab88ee923be694e9b70108e7179 NMS-12347: Provide central search functionality (#2565)
* NMS-12347: Initial SpotlightRestService
* NMS-12347: Bump versions
* NMS-12347: More Search
* NMS-12347: Move search to navbar
* NMS-12347: Make search limited and also sort appropriately
* NMS-12347: Some UI cleanup
* NMS-12347: Add search for iplike
* NMS-12347: Be a bit more relaxed on error
* NMS-12347: Use SearchQuery object instead of input string
* NMS-12347: Allow setting static actions to the spotlight search
* NMS-12347: Implement FilterSearchProvider
* NMS-12347: More search
* NMS-12347: Add KSC Reports
* NMS-12347: Integrate search bar with other angular apps
* NMS-12347: Fix various issues related to angular bootstrapping
* NMS-12347: Make it actually compile
* NMS-12347: UX finetuning
* NMS-12347: Rename classes
* NMS-12347: Add AssetSearchProvider
* NMS-12347: Make ip search use ilike instead of iplike
* NMS-12347: Hide topology related assets
* NMS-12347: Add SearchProvider for Geolocation
* NMS-12347: Limit each group
* NMS-12347: Various UI changes (including icons for actions)
* NMS-12347: Implement show more
* NMS-12347: Add some more actions
* NMS-12347: Implement keyboard navigation
* NMS-12347: Fix rendering
* NMS-12347: Add feature dependencies to system directory
* NMS-12347: Add Requisition Search Provider
* NMS-12347: Fix tests
* NMS-12347: Minor UI changes
* NMS-12347: Implement load more
* NMS-12347: Fix hasMore visualization
* NMS-12347: Add short-cut indicator
* NMS-12347: Do not distinguish between hover by mouse or keydown/up presses
* NMS-12347: Make it work again
* NMS-12347: Minor adjustments
* NMS-12347: Use grey instead of cyan for selection
* NMS-12347: Use  instead of . to prevent issues when search is module instead of app
* NMS-12347: Ensure search is closed when clicked result already matches current URL
* NMS-12347: Allow search for all menu entries and admin actions
* NMS-12347: Allow searching for nodes in category
* NMS-12347: Rename provider
* NMS-12347: Fix failing test
* NMS-12347: Create modules for providers and service instead of shuffing it all in rest module
* NMS-12347: Cleanup
* NMS-12347: Add missing modules
* NMS-12347: Rename all the things
* NMS-12347 Shift indicator instead of SHIFT text
* NMS-12347: Direct field access vs reflection access
* NMS-12347: Differentiate between alias and label
* NMS-12347: Remove unused/unnecessary context in SearchResultItem
* NMS-12347: Cache fetching of menu entries
* NMS-12347: Cache loading of actions from etc/search-actions.xml
* NMS-12347: Fix Matcher not considering correct input when matching
* NMS-12347: Rework UI a bit
* NMS-12347: Remove spacing in header
* NMS-12347: Write smoke test for central search
* NMS-12347: Run smoke-tests-full
* NMS-12347: Fix failing smoke tests
* NMS-12347: Try some times before actually failing as search must initialize properly
* NMS-12347: Remove redundant properties
* NMS-12347: Remove provided scope where feasable
* NMS-12347: Properly encode urls
* NMS-12347: Remove opennms-bundle-refresher

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