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OpenNMS (develop branch)
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OpenNMS (develop branch)
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Chandra Gorantla <> Chandra Gorantla <> 30818589681c94c875b17f74e7c05a6b24b1e35f 30818589681c94c875b17f74e7c05a6b24b1e35f NMS-12580: Improve NodeInfoCache handling (#2915)
* NMS-12580: Modify the NodeInfoCache to be keyed by nodeId

Also try to check the presence of exporter/src/dest addresses
from the InterfacetoNodeCache before querying NodeInfoCache.

* NMS-12580: Modify nodeCache settings

* NMS-12580: Add cache for metadata context

* NMS-12580: Update NodeMetadaCache
Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator f8d5d99b8679cb2a685b33997f646069d0e4c6ac f8d5d99b8679cb2a685b33997f646069d0e4c6ac [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from release-26.0.0:d2c5723ed2c41d972d1d99ac1a8fe33f1679eb4e)
Matthew Brooks <> Matthew Brooks <> d2c5723ed2c41d972d1d99ac1a8fe33f1679eb4e m d2c5723ed2c41d972d1d99ac1a8fe33f1679eb4e NMS-12578: Confd templates for Minion configuration (#2912)
* NMS-12578: Confd templates for Minion configuration
Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator e96417b0e4ea0b267dfe7b816ba6b473fd2a990e m e96417b0e4ea0b267dfe7b816ba6b473fd2a990e [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from foundation-2019:eb7f02837648b745f6e305976083604a59353d90)
Chandra Gorantla <> Chandra Gorantla <> eb7f02837648b745f6e305976083604a59353d90 m eb7f02837648b745f6e305976083604a59353d90 NMS-12413: Fix remove from definitions (#2906)
* NMS-12413: Fix remove from definition

* NMS-12413: Use LocationUtils

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