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OpenNMS (develop branch)
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Chandra Gorantla <> Chandra Gorantla <> 0a04975ee0342ef989e119fee68a1dc7cec43c2d 0a04975ee0342ef989e119fee68a1dc7cec43c2d NMS-12586: Fix restoring of facts on DroolsCorrelationEngine reload (#2935)
* NMS-12586: Fix restoring facts on reload

Marshal objects that are in the session before reload.
Unmarshal with specific class loader while restoring

* NMS-12586: Use DroolsStreamUtils methods to serialize/deserialize facts

Copying facts between sessions leads to incompatible class signatures.
Take advantage of the Drools streaming utilities and protobuf to persist
facts between sessions, instead.

* NMS-12586: Add comment for declared fact type

Co-authored-by: Will Keaney <>
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed a081a733117b5382085b9fcb08ed1f8cb8ca07fc a081a733117b5382085b9fcb08ed1f8cb8ca07fc Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/foundation-2017' into foundation-2018
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 97fef81ce7a2b0af69cf48fbecdac30e815db67c m 97fef81ce7a2b0af69cf48fbecdac30e815db67c remove duplicate
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed be5eec0f876c6a8de2ba80ff0d6921bd9b6898bd be5eec0f876c6a8de2ba80ff0d6921bd9b6898bd Merge branch 'foundation-2017' into foundation-2018
Jesse White Jesse White eabc92ade6d1d2867283fe38a1d7363310c7d113 m eabc92ade6d1d2867283fe38a1d7363310c7d113 NMS-12191: Make the TcpOutputStrategyTest run more reliably.

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