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Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator 3919ff2c3f7302c271e613e023c59db88e31584d 3919ff2c3f7302c271e613e023c59db88e31584d build(dist): generate dist and changelog from latest source
Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator d3e99f1477b09e00a6af6286c2434dfc97104a6b d3e99f1477b09e00a6af6286c2434dfc97104a6b Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop'
DavidSmith <> DavidSmith <> 2170421ac145b5622c9cdc1d66deffd2c6bdcccc m 2170421ac145b5622c9cdc1d66deffd2c6bdcccc HZN-1492 Tag "root cause" alarm when providing feedback (#99)
* HZN-1492: Add RootCause checkbox

HZN-1492: Using buttons for Related/Root Cause

HZN-1492: Root Cause functional, Tags submitting

HZN-1492: Pushing tags, new alarm placeholder

HZN-1492: Interim work on tags

HZN-1492: button css

HZN-1492: addign tagify lib

* HZN-1492: Checkpoint.

* HZN-1492: Switch to bootstrap-tagsinput. Cleanup

* HZN-1492: Initialize RootCause

* HZN-1492: Checkpoint

* HZN-1492: Back to horizontal tags

* HZN-1492: Reset state on Cancel

* HZN-1492: Update to lated OpenNMS-JS

* HZN-1492: cleanup

* HZN-1492: Handle multiple feedback, normalize color on Tags

* HZN-1492: Hack for enum comparison

* HZN-1492: Fix 0 timestamp, other enum comparisons

* HZN-1492: Handle Feedback for removed related Alarms

* HZN-1492: Prepopulate tags and comment from submitted feedback

* HZN-1492: de-dupe tags returned from persisted feedback

* HZN-1492: Keep cells from growing height when log message is too long

* HZN-1492: Add log message on mouse over
OpenNMS Bamboo Utils
Author Commit Message Commit date
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 0cc2b016b53a4c518d5d3276b6087e05db232bde 0cc2b016b53a4c518d5d3276b6087e05db232bde add separate javadoc script
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed b5fd721ba2aa38bea86e9eba15a64216e2a80b39 b5fd721ba2aa38bea86e9eba15a64216e2a80b39 add go-offline script

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