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efa213f43be7789212cbe51a93e58b9e8ac91d75 efa213f43be7789212cbe51a93e58b9e8ac91d75
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Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator efa213f43be7789212cbe51a93e58b9e8ac91d75 efa213f43be7789212cbe51a93e58b9e8ac91d75 build(dist): generate dist and changelog from latest source
Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator 53b5e020989b7389e87ab83b78a58b3590a06570 53b5e020989b7389e87ab83b78a58b3590a06570 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop'
Jeff Gehlbach Jeff Gehlbach de32a82c4794bf71dc38d4b40441fb13df2afb4c m de32a82c4794bf71dc38d4b40441fb13df2afb4c Merge pull request #23 from brynjare/develop
fix(cli): Valid example for node label searches
Brynjar Eide <> Brynjar Eide <> 2eafce8bf89cdbb32787ade5a797caa40adcddd9 m 2eafce8bf89cdbb32787ade5a797caa40adcddd9 fix(cli): Valid example for node label searches
ilike doesn't seem to be supported yet, and nodeLabel returns status
code 500 from OpenNMS. Also replaces the SQL wildcard character with
an asterisk, since that seems to be what FIQL uses.