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Jesse White Jesse White cf8b6c01643dd81f4ae8827c6e932cb350f9c65e cf8b6c01643dd81f4ae8827c6e932cb350f9c65e Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-24.0.0' into develop
Jesse White Jesse White 76371e80f8d141d8903edc8743c63e75ed4174da m 76371e80f8d141d8903edc8743c63e75ed4174da Fix Mapstruct artifact - need to use different one for new version.
Jesse White Jesse White 3651c1ab7480b351c96d639e2cb04a053d85ac45 m 3651c1ab7480b351c96d639e2cb04a053d85ac45 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/foundation-2018' into release-24.0.0
mvrueden <> mvrueden <> c51bddef095a0ad23e31be13c241dc9d862950b7 m c51bddef095a0ad23e31be13c241dc9d862950b7 NMS-10539: Upgrade Karaf to 4.2.3 (#2380)
* NMS-10539: initial update to Karaf 4.2.2

* NMS-10539: Update pax web version as well as its dependencies

* NMS-10539: Expose (bridge) listener correctly

* NMS-10539: Use Apache Felix HTTP Bridge instead of forking it

* NMS-10539: Use osgi.http.whiteboard.servlet.pattern instead of alias property when registering javax.servlet.Servlets

* TODO MVR: Fix preserveOnRefresh vaadin issue

* NMS-10539: Use latest felix version

* NMS-10539: Rework request dispatching/filtering

* NMS-10539: Rework Vaadin UI creation via OSGi

* NMS-10539: Teporarily disable plugin manager

* NMS-10539: Delete existing custom bridge code and move proxy code to its own module

* NMS-10539: Prepare ProxyFilter to be more generic and handle rest endpoints

* NMS-10539: Make ReST endpoints genericly exposable

* NMS-10539: Rework container/bridge dependencies

* NMS-10539: Cleanup

* NMS-10539: First approach to fix FeatureInstallKarafIT

* NMS-10539: Temporarily disable test

* NMS-10539: Use servlet.init.widgetset in favour of init.widgetset

* NMS-10539: Integrate updated (snaphost) version of pluginmanager

* NMS-105439: Remove duplicated diagnostic resource

* NMS-10539: Also listen for resources

* NMS-10539: Remove unneded files

* NMS-10539: Enable pluginmanager again

* NMS-10539: Remove more no longer needed files

* NMS-10539: Fix isValid()

* NMS-10539: Change web.xml name/description

* NMS-10539: Remove servlet exposure (it is now done in the plugin manager project)

* NMS-10539: Fix minion/sentinel startup properties to match karaf 4.2.2 versions

* NMS-10539: Migrate to Apache Karaf 4.2.3

* NMS-10539: Hack login module for now

* NMS-10539: Try to fix tests

* NMS-10539: Install aries-blueprint just to be sure

* NMS-10539: Fix user properties for sentinel/minion

* NMS-10539: Use karaf 4.3.2. default log layout for sentinel/minion

* NMS-15039: Use non-snapshot versions

* NMS-10539: Disable opennms-api-layer for now

* NMS-10539: Update plugin configuration

* NMS-10539: Remove repositories

* Revert "NMS-10539: Disable opennms-api-layer for now"

This reverts commit 02fd9beb8f355c7e86238d9a09ae5b90b5aa3b8c.

* NMS-10539: Fix config:edit for managed service factories

* NMS-10539: Update breaking changes

* NMS-10539: Remove outdated TODO

* NMS-10539: Rework LoginModule

* NMS-10539: Make comment more clear

* NMS-10539: Don't worry about duplicated code at this point

* NMS-10539: Add comment

* NMS-10539: Ignore all KarafTestCase tests for now

* NMS-10539: Add missing feature repository and remove duplicate feature

* NMS-10539: Add missing javax.xml.bind package to

* Remove librairies for lib folder.
Jesse White Jesse White 65ed5ec4aa2658e4ea669f422cc00f4b0f4e0a18 m 65ed5ec4aa2658e4ea669f422cc00f4b0f4e0a18 Merge pull request #2373 from OpenNMS/features/controller-api
OIA-6: OIA-7: Many improvements to help support controller integrations

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