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Brynjar Eide <> Brynjar Eide <> fa785cbd6c20c3b3ea3a7f116eb52b5ead92d70f fa785cbd6c20c3b3ea3a7f116eb52b5ead92d70f NMS-10357: Fix Collectd and Pollerd's ThreadPool graphs (#2155)
* Fix Collectd and Pollerd's ThreadPool graphs

Adds missing pool size attribute ('numPoolThreads') to Pollerd's
MBean, and adds all the PoolThreads attributes (num, max, peak) to
the JMX datacollection config for Pollerd.

Also makes it slightly more obvious what numPoolThreads actually is,
by changing the @return comment to match the official javadocs.

Finally, the graph properties for the ThreadPool attributes have been
changed to graph the active threads, peak threads and max pool size.

The original graph included both numPoolThreads and maxPoolThreads,
which seem to be identical when using fixed thread pools.
numPoolThreads was replaced by active threads, which made the
standalone graphs redundant.

* Add core pool size to MBeans and improve the graphs

Instead of graphing the max pool size, which is never used unless
the queue is full, include the current pool size and the core pool

Also replaces peak active with current pool size. With the
current implementation, the current pool size seems to never shrink,
so the peak pool size would be redundant, otherwise it might make
sense to graph both metrics.

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