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OpenNMS (develop branch)
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Jesse White Jesse White b20bdf2af01d5be2185125560769b160157278eb b20bdf2af01d5be2185125560769b160157278eb Update the events:stress command to support random values.
Include an example on how to benchmark alarmd.
Jesse White Jesse White 57cb4fb737a62723572a6aae15256e49b3eec1fb 57cb4fb737a62723572a6aae15256e49b3eec1fb Avoid initializing northbound alarms if none of the northbound interfaces are being used.
Include an extra method in the northbounder interface that allows
the northbounders to indicate whether or not they are actually
ready to process alarms.

Update the northbounder interface to include a metho
Jesse White Jesse White aa39aa5914c3151288b872cb770774c760d99ab0 aa39aa5914c3151288b872cb770774c760d99ab0 Update alarmd to handle multiple events in parallel.
Lock on both the reduction and clear keys (if present) using a fair lock
in order to ensure that events related to a particular trigger and clear
continue to be processed in order.
Jesse White Jesse White e08f0e117eaec95b30db9765993805f576ba4c3b e08f0e117eaec95b30db9765993805f576ba4c3b Allow event listeners to be multi-threaded.
Jesse White Jesse White 50f8589b22834dd74aa0facedc54c5095fc3e5de 50f8589b22834dd74aa0facedc54c5095fc3e5de Merge pull request #1836 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-9695
NMS-9695: Fix ClassNotFoundException by removing log4j.ignoreTCL=true

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