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da12784d9ab4ba4aacedec0283d0c04075fd6ebf da12784d9ab4ba4aacedec0283d0c04075fd6ebf
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release-22.0.2 c2759e2c6e9e1ddc4aa02a9208592f351f1047b6
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foundation-2018 ccb1040295c5c595b6e00c38da5ef1c922262517 ccb1040295c5c595b6e00c38da5ef1c922262517
release-22.0.2 96e9c2ceb65226d2987f2510d9e220af696cd558 96e9c2ceb65226d2987f2510d9e220af696cd558

Code commits

OpenNMS (develop branch)
Author Commit Message Commit date
Antonio Russo Antonio Russo ccb1040295c5c595b6e00c38da5ef1c922262517 ccb1040295c5c595b6e00c38da5ef1c922262517 NMS-8295: Bridge topology is wrong on nodelink.jsp (#2035)
* NMS-8295: Fix nodelink.jsp

Reworked page layout
Reworked Factory
Added a common layout for Links
Updated EnlinkdConf with max_bft 100 as default

* NMS-8295: Fix nodelink.jsp

Reworked BridgeElement n node page
Fixed ipaddress list in Enlinkd ElementFactory
Better getStringId method to proper display information
Added global info for CDP, OSPF, LLDP and ISIS in linkednode.jsp

NMS-8295: Fix nodelink.jsp

Fixed node.jsp layout for bridge
Fixed typos in enlinkdelementfactory
Fixed bridge layout in linkednode.jsp

* NMS-8295: Fix nodelink.jsp

Layout for node.jsp improved

* NMS-8295: Fix nodelink.jsp

Fixed NPE, check the bridgelement is not null

* NMS-8295: Fix nodelink.jsp

Check whether lldplinktype is not null

* NMS-8295: Fix linkednode.jsp

Fix NPW. Check lldpelement is not null

* NMS-8295: fixed linknode.jsp

linknode.jsp better layout

* NMS-8295: fixed linknode.jsp

Added a test to check waht is wrong in EnlinkNetworkEementFactory
Refactored the getBridgeLinks

* NMS-8295: fixed linknode.jsp

Fixed getHostNodeSharedSegment
Added test for code in EnlinkdElementFactory

NMS-8295: fixed linknode.jsp

 Fixed enlinkd/EnLinkdElementFactory.getBridgeLinks
 removed a dead code preventing the method to work
 with host nodes
 Improved test
 Added lambda expresion where possible

* NMS-8295: fixed linknode.jsp

No table reformatting for node.jsp
using the previuos table format

NMS-8295: fixed linknode.jsp

Using collect in lambda expression
to generate ArrayList
OpenNMS Bamboo Utils
Author Commit Message Commit date
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 37f48affb86291477ca757adadf30189d60dab56 37f48affb86291477ca757adadf30189d60dab56 get rid of test and IT databases

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