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Jesse White Jesse White dda6d476958bbcd69f8595ae15bcbb751f4e64e2 dda6d476958bbcd69f8595ae15bcbb751f4e64e2 Merge pull request #1776 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-9721
NMS-9721: Fix Remote Poller running as Windows service (NSIS EXE installer)
Seth Leger Seth Leger fc03e1591e76d23468a5654522d7da80a539c310 fc03e1591e76d23468a5654522d7da80a539c310 NMS-9721: Cleanup and bugfixes in Remote Poller NSIS installer
Fixed missed paths in javaws.exe detection. Added extra error handling.
Improved progress bar response during installation. Changed system
properties passed by the NSIS installer to use "jnlp." prefixes to
comply with JNLP restrictions on system property names. Removed some
unused files.
Seth Leger Seth Leger 144b439447060a3f15dc43d6a5a8298e958ca368 144b439447060a3f15dc43d6a5a8298e958ca368 NMS-9721: Cleaned up JNLP files
Seth Leger Seth Leger f47d89d25b378ff97a78644eee3769250221b256 f47d89d25b378ff97a78644eee3769250221b256 NMS-9721: Updated Windows version list for Remote Poller installer
Seth Leger Seth Leger 5ee48c9ddb4b0cb9cd7938c8434077c249224162 5ee48c9ddb4b0cb9cd7938c8434077c249224162 NMS-9721: Added exception catch for invalid killSwitch path

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