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Code commits

OpenNMS Foundation 2016

  • Jeff Gehlbach

    Jeff Gehlbach a84f34ab1ded3323934839a2a27b25d6030459ae

    Merge pull request #2448 from tompenning/jira/NMS-10654
    Added sort for Edit Categories NMS-10654

  • tompenning <>

    tompenning <> e78042e5d14c288b864d5fee760157facf580506

    Added sort for Edit Categories NMS-10654
    Added sort to Available nodes list box in the Manage Surveillance Categories form.  In Edit, the lists of nodes (both member and available) are unsorted. They should be sorted by node label.  Change was made to sort list of Available nodes.


    • opennms-web-api/src/main/java/org/opennms/web/svclayer/support/ (version e78042e5d14c288b864d5fee760157facf580506)