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Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator ebb461d4000d3d300f3f1da9c40247bc1f036d34 ebb461d4000d3d300f3f1da9c40247bc1f036d34 [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from foundation-2016:15f53b9984bbd11a32177c84789c4a629c8a3024)
Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator 15f53b9984bbd11a32177c84789c4a629c8a3024 m 15f53b9984bbd11a32177c84789c4a629c8a3024 [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from foundation:71a2e47771f1f3364140be7d4963e7fe92be0361)
Jesse White Jesse White 71a2e47771f1f3364140be7d4963e7fe92be0361 m 71a2e47771f1f3364140be7d4963e7fe92be0361 Merge pull request #2432 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-10622
NMS-10622: Backport SNMP successor validation
Jesse White Jesse White ca7c21965267354d86610f7e2b7103cef361fb0a m ca7c21965267354d86610f7e2b7103cef361fb0a NMS-10622: Adjust the patch for NMS-10621 to work in foundation-2015.
Jesse White Jesse White 32e769c4a85db2ce56b1a38d722230580c28623b m 32e769c4a85db2ce56b1a38d722230580c28623b NMS-10621: Fix infinite request/response loop in SNMP tracking code for *bad* agents.
Verify that the response VBs are in fact successors to the requested
VBs are stop processing if they are not.

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Unknown Issue TypeNMS-10622Could not obtain issue details from Jira