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a6533a2f1a37fa1060e4cf3b68cfffe020452ee8 a6533a2f1a37fa1060e4cf3b68cfffe020452ee8
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00713a00be94cbd6969cc8d038a5ee69465b143f 00713a00be94cbd6969cc8d038a5ee69465b143f
9bc00ded1cc3101fe2d0322d0b4ca694f990e397 9bc00ded1cc3101fe2d0322d0b4ca694f990e397
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c966fc26302e1d36a0381c894b93ffa9586d8e6d c966fc26302e1d36a0381c894b93ffa9586d8e6d
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29d66d4adb5ef335fc0be8fd960e725e63cda7f3 29d66d4adb5ef335fc0be8fd960e725e63cda7f3
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Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator a6533a2f1a37fa1060e4cf3b68cfffe020452ee8 a6533a2f1a37fa1060e4cf3b68cfffe020452ee8 [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from from-foundation:073db6f9343b3d05d17308c4d66f335c581100cd)
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 073db6f9343b3d05d17308c4d66f335c581100cd m 073db6f9343b3d05d17308c4d66f335c581100cd Merge pull request #1526 from OpenNMS/features/xss-fixes
NMS-9353: NMS-9354: NMS-9355: Escape additional fields to help prevent XSS
Jesse White Jesse White 4b213469ac1d99b5af8ac727a0a657370ebf348b m 4b213469ac1d99b5af8ac727a0a657370ebf348b NMS-9355: Escape the application name and node label in the edit application page.
Jesse White Jesse White 581ae4cf8298e6f327eaafda4711e6810c6c81e3 m 581ae4cf8298e6f327eaafda4711e6810c6c81e3 NMS-9354: Escape the error message output.
Jesse White Jesse White b3aa194c9b6eaa5a384707d942476744fef73a9e m b3aa194c9b6eaa5a384707d942476744fef73a9e NMS-9353: Sanitize the node label to help prevent Persistent XSS related issues.

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