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  • Bamboo Administrator

    Bamboo Administrator 7ae4f94dea923af63fa2e33a58da575aa02e2b81

    [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from from-foundation:32735955624022e0a176bb2443b9d2b4e8d45d7c)

  • Ronny Trommer

    Ronny Trommer 32735955624022e0a176bb2443b9d2b4e8d45d7c m

    Merge pull request #2558 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-12129
    NMS-12129: Add a bash tool to help analysing config diffs

  • Ronny Trommer

    Ronny Trommer 61cc9d720fb5893224edfc9b9a0ca0e5b8d40d48 m

    NMS-12129: Add an option which allows to use quick defaults

    • opennms-base-assembly/src/main/filtered/bin/ (version 61cc9d720fb5893224edfc9b9a0ca0e5b8d40d48)
  • Ronny Trommer

    Ronny Trommer 7c907a544d4ca32f2ce65c527b9f2522d5a6b88d m

    NMS-12129: Add a bash tool to help analysing config diffs

    • opennms-base-assembly/src/main/filtered/bin/ (version 7c907a544d4ca32f2ce65c527b9f2522d5a6b88d)


  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed cacabc963c8e20c225ae81f81a69c8fe58ddc4c0

    allow specifying the artifact directory

    • script/ (version cacabc963c8e20c225ae81f81a69c8fe58ddc4c0)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 50a2da2fd43306174c40b8aada1aa559e66730bc

    shellcheck fixes

    • script/ (version 50a2da2fd43306174c40b8aada1aa559e66730bc)

OpenNMS Bamboo Utils

  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed a397f9c53e96a51f2f158b54cd15e82c19a00e57

    fix foundation (2015) running

    • (version a397f9c53e96a51f2f158b54cd15e82c19a00e57)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 87ade17383db013aa5366ce2fa252e3b77b67257

    leave fork count at 1 for now

    • (version 87ade17383db013aa5366ce2fa252e3b77b67257)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed c9a73ccdc185e4e6b474a708c2ff21b18dca23b8

    clean out other m2 repos before launching

    • (version c9a73ccdc185e4e6b474a708c2ff21b18dca23b8)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 4533d3cf5d13c393e891cb1ff73bdbd5d0608b55

    *plan* key, not *build* key

    • (version 4533d3cf5d13c393e891cb1ff73bdbd5d0608b55)
    • (version 4533d3cf5d13c393e891cb1ff73bdbd5d0608b55)
    • (version 4533d3cf5d13c393e891cb1ff73bdbd5d0608b55)
    • (version 4533d3cf5d13c393e891cb1ff73bdbd5d0608b55)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 1c8842651ad5b97a3adbb611d95bc98dff7c488c

    test-container smoke tests should get 0 reruns, and fork-count 2

    • (version 1c8842651ad5b97a3adbb611d95bc98dff7c488c)
  • Jesse White

    Jesse White 66169f8c60d1737ab6bd0b0fb021ba6be51f836a

    Run smoke tests in UTC.

    • (version 66169f8c60d1737ab6bd0b0fb021ba6be51f836a)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 3ad7e87f1e262b5a0df7236788c998f850f12c02

    make fork count 1

    • (version 3ad7e87f1e262b5a0df7236788c998f850f12c02)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed bec604b3fc68bd2fefb23477befb2c5073451775

    fork count 2

    • (version bec604b3fc68bd2fefb23477befb2c5073451775)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 79518683d144dc61c4cea1eea94a641469f28854

    add support for test containers smoke tests

    • (version 79518683d144dc61c4cea1eea94a641469f28854)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 8da64e3f37f552ed6acab75763ab6a73e5fea9e9

    update to split tarballs into more-easily-digested chunks

    • (version 8da64e3f37f552ed6acab75763ab6a73e5fea9e9)
    • (version 8da64e3f37f552ed6acab75763ab6a73e5fea9e9)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed bd10c089c8f3e5308c977e07cdb7c3593ee6ea6a

    set bamboo profile

    • (version bd10c089c8f3e5308c977e07cdb7c3593ee6ea6a)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed ca22462de22668d274fcf5e398a996b83b06718f

    Revert "make sure we always set a "bamboo" profile"
    This reverts commit 1af3462c9c10bdd5eea857b610074b6d8230267a.

    • (version ca22462de22668d274fcf5e398a996b83b06718f)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 4eca6fe3ff35e996535f50f9b8b54ff98c2b6a14

    Revert "bamboo not smoke"
    This reverts commit c7f4f8af25451a65f1ad3daf758bfd950236ab5b.

    • (version 4eca6fe3ff35e996535f50f9b8b54ff98c2b6a14)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed c7f4f8af25451a65f1ad3daf758bfd950236ab5b

    bamboo not smoke

    • (version c7f4f8af25451a65f1ad3daf758bfd950236ab5b)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 1af3462c9c10bdd5eea857b610074b6d8230267a

    make sure we always set a "bamboo" profile

    • (version 1af3462c9c10bdd5eea857b610074b6d8230267a)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 48a0b8ce9e22d6fa795e7809a8148729fdcdf585

    fail on error, also update docker failure message

    • (version 48a0b8ce9e22d6fa795e7809a8148729fdcdf585)