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  • Bamboo Administrator

    Bamboo Administrator dc250a862f85dc80d4e281f99ce79bb58750abac

    [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from from-foundation:ad13db301d6388671b47bde46125294fc52d3c38)

  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed ad13db301d6388671b47bde46125294fc52d3c38 m

    webapp-full should honor -Dbuild.skip.tarball=true

    • opennms-assemblies/webapp-full/pom.xml (version ad13db301d6388671b47bde46125294fc52d3c38)

OpenNMS Bamboo Utils

  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed c5b0514a984dd599487469d47e6a69527d55515a

    ignore host address if not set

    • (version c5b0514a984dd599487469d47e6a69527d55515a)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 98be0035f4f1ed507885b770767916451d59ddfb

    if host address is set in bamboo, pass it to smoke tests

    • (version 98be0035f4f1ed507885b770767916451d59ddfb)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 0e8c7d488a1a724ad1fcc8f9d4c7ce6bbfdcd674

    shellcheck fixes

    • (version 0e8c7d488a1a724ad1fcc8f9d4c7ce6bbfdcd674)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed c107d91e3f19000a5d72f0369e9251bc71a643fb

    attempt to determine the primary host IP automatically

    • (version c107d91e3f19000a5d72f0369e9251bc71a643fb)
    • (version c107d91e3f19000a5d72f0369e9251bc71a643fb)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 37f48affb86291477ca757adadf30189d60dab56

    get rid of test and IT databases

    • (version 37f48affb86291477ca757adadf30189d60dab56)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed bb3630c2120f394bdbb174380351b676a8f18156

    also handle sentinel RPMs

    • (version bb3630c2120f394bdbb174380351b676a8f18156)