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f1656d490129851071c990c9d17c1fe6b8534dde f1656d490129851071c990c9d17c1fe6b8534dde
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097d795b47516b80de791e4786b56c3f04e6a0d2 097d795b47516b80de791e4786b56c3f04e6a0d2
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cb1e72265cf2ce10cb4872f58120272b340a1ce1 cb1e72265cf2ce10cb4872f58120272b340a1ce1
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Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator f1656d490129851071c990c9d17c1fe6b8534dde f1656d490129851071c990c9d17c1fe6b8534dde [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from from-foundation:2d442e51bd1f4da5445247d578cf6fcc09151d7f)
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 2d442e51bd1f4da5445247d578cf6fcc09151d7f m 2d442e51bd1f4da5445247d578cf6fcc09151d7f remove old sonar maven plugin references
Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator 121eb13d05ee3acfaa5c2cee91b7891979e029a5 121eb13d05ee3acfaa5c2cee91b7891979e029a5 [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from from-foundation:78b23809adcedde6b39afd4e82734a13d5cfc35b)
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 78b23809adcedde6b39afd4e82734a13d5cfc35b m 78b23809adcedde6b39afd4e82734a13d5cfc35b Never mind, appears to be an infrastructure problem.
Revert "disable this test that is inexplicably failing on some bamboo systems"

This reverts commit c8cbdfffc2389bc68c01a4899676e94ce4d4076b.
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed c8cbdfffc2389bc68c01a4899676e94ce4d4076b m c8cbdfffc2389bc68c01a4899676e94ce4d4076b disable this test that is inexplicably failing on some bamboo systems

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Unknown Issue TypeNMS-5105Could not obtain issue details from JIRA
Unknown Issue TypeNMS-9415Could not obtain issue details from JIRA
Unknown Issue TypeNMS-9457Could not obtain issue details from JIRA
Unknown Issue TypeNMS-9478Could not obtain issue details from JIRA
Unknown Issue TypeNMS-9493Could not obtain issue details from JIRA

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