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master 35fcb8684bc5b3a889ccc58251bf8a0b4da3bfee 35fcb8684bc5b3a889ccc58251bf8a0b4da3bfee

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Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 05eac545c0faf33793202bee39d92ec81492f9f1 05eac545c0faf33793202bee39d92ec81492f9f1 fix RPM package history link
Jesse White Jesse White 29c2801aa60f88903855efc2e33120a8cc58a988 29c2801aa60f88903855efc2e33120a8cc58a988 Merge pull request #1921 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-9947
NMS-9947: Test for Java properly on Windows and Mingwin.
David Smith <> David Smith <> 3c0184219726d40d3be0823e7c1bcb29b35c4374 3c0184219726d40d3be0823e7c1bcb29b35c4374 NMS-9947: Test for Java properly on Windows and Mingwin.
Jesse White Jesse White 01c0c34922a75dd14ca222e926dde752d2f633fe 01c0c34922a75dd14ca222e926dde752d2f633fe Use makensis.exe available in the %PATH%.
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 2db80103deae8de25a4506d0fe653d82840d658c 2db80103deae8de25a4506d0fe653d82840d658c Revert "NMS-9887: Update Cisco ASA systemDefs with Cisco remote-access group"
This reverts commit bfdba8322997ae7fa6d27605ee08e07a583567aa.
We're going to do these changes in 2017+ only.

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Unknown Issue TypeNMS-9871Could not obtain issue details from Jira
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