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Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 6c28b64711c2009d9f6e2920475a288887c93f70 6c28b64711c2009d9f6e2920475a288887c93f70 Merge remote-tracking branch 'poweredby-2016/from-foundation-2016' into poweredby-2016-master
Jesse White Jesse White 6550a0f6ee1697ced5f6e853fcdf54b53ca3084f m 6550a0f6ee1697ced5f6e853fcdf54b53ca3084f Merge pull request #1396 from tdefilip/NMS-9240-ifDescr-over-ifName
NMS-9240: Allow for choosing ifDescr over ifName for interface direct...
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed f772ff3a7abd87873f555ffb16eecc0318234897 m f772ff3a7abd87873f555ffb16eecc0318234897 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/foundation' into foundation-2016
Jesse White Jesse White 948666a8ea366f2aa149ba70ea5c430e7b098fc1 m 948666a8ea366f2aa149ba70ea5c430e7b098fc1 Merge pull request #1410 from OpenNMS/features/strings-over-tcp
NMS-9126: Allow string attribute to be persisted over the TCP stream
Jesse White Jesse White 2ad32f0b71a2d9534d840cc9916c11c840cd72a5 m 2ad32f0b71a2d9534d840cc9916c11c840cd72a5 Merge pull request #1422 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-9164
NMS-9164: handle retries inside trackers


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