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Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator b240be2ccdf088c0b8be132454db46f8d25a78cc b240be2ccdf088c0b8be132454db46f8d25a78cc [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from from-foundation-2017:bbaea94da8c2914f16bba20bdbcc8e6649f87e86)
Jesse White Jesse White bbaea94da8c2914f16bba20bdbcc8e6649f87e86 m bbaea94da8c2914f16bba20bdbcc8e6649f87e86 Merge pull request #2128 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-9267
NMS-9267: fix some issues in users.xml handling in the migrator
Jesse White Jesse White 3e3a3bb7573e808b7df0258166b616a9c23746d9 m 3e3a3bb7573e808b7df0258166b616a9c23746d9 Merge pull request #2127 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-9027
NMS-9027: Added Content-Type header to JavaMailer
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed b419b5a4d0ad6041bb40478a7085fe36ea6b8178 m b419b5a4d0ad6041bb40478a7085fe36ea6b8178 NMS-9267: fix some issues in users.xml handling in the migrator
* It was possible for upgrade to fail if `read-only="false"` tags
  existed without any `true` read-only user.
* There are cases when the `read-only` flag could fail to be
  parsed out on upgrade.

This version implements simple DOM parsing instead of direct
string manipulation to avoid any unmarshalling issues.
Christian Pape Christian Pape 432c512e44b19eb0966a9ef73541d71b5d17e4d5 m 432c512e44b19eb0966a9ef73541d71b5d17e4d5 NMS-9027: Added Content-Type header to JavaMailer

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