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Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator a4d27af7191642c1eac6feabee77dbfb11cbb28c a4d27af7191642c1eac6feabee77dbfb11cbb28c [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from from-foundation-2017:34dde651998c1b789429bd048bf45d0420403d39)
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 34dde651998c1b789429bd048bf45d0420403d39 m 34dde651998c1b789429bd048bf45d0420403d39 another flapper, dump it
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 37556c5edc2654ecb7745a794767def9b5b36076 m 37556c5edc2654ecb7745a794767def9b5b36076 Merge branch 'foundation-2016' into foundation-2017
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 6e38462763c37b3b83d23fcaccf94d2e276c0c9a m 6e38462763c37b3b83d23fcaccf94d2e276c0c9a don't run ping tests on old foundations
David Schlenk <> David Schlenk <> feac1523e003b4a68f6c679222f032d6c52e711b m feac1523e003b4a68f6c679222f032d6c52e711b HZN-924: Create and use a date string for time zone in use by system running test (#1084)
* Create and use a date string appropriate to the time zone in use by the
system running test.

* Make generally useful time string method for tests; refactor tests to use

* eclipse ate the copyright header

* space

* revert the rest of accidental format cleanup

* ISO-8601 date/time string util methods

* use ISO-8601 string util method from core/lib

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