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Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator f778446b6224a32a366a97f1c41e56b6e1f702c9 f778446b6224a32a366a97f1c41e56b6e1f702c9 [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from from-foundation-2018:558289993e4e4a08a72c5d85a003f2a866030471)
Jesse White Jesse White 558289993e4e4a08a72c5d85a003f2a866030471 m 558289993e4e4a08a72c5d85a003f2a866030471 Merge pull request #2615 from nilmagus/NMS-11748-dns-req-location
NMS-11748: Add JAXB imports to requisition-dns pom.xml
Justin Wood <> Justin Wood <> bcf62d15a5800d14f875016adcf152156a1c3942 m bcf62d15a5800d14f875016adcf152156a1c3942 Add JAXB imports to requisition-dns pom.xml
This fixes NMS-11748:
When in Karaf, issuing provision:show-import with type=dns
and a location specified, the command fails on missing libs.
Jeff Gehlbach Jeff Gehlbach f9d0ae027e2856d12c693f505e53811086a2688e m f9d0ae027e2856d12c693f505e53811086a2688e Documented how to set system proxies, since this information was lacking and is tricky to track down. We use Java system properties such as http.proxyHost rather than the more common http_proxy environment variable suite.
Jeff Gehlbach Jeff Gehlbach 1507852df6e538002bcb5d38f7d30324ce4b8697 m 1507852df6e538002bcb5d38f7d30324ce4b8697 Merge branch 'foundation-2018' of into foundation-2018

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