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cecea85779ea581a4c66b054d21a6b2b0a54985c cecea85779ea581a4c66b054d21a6b2b0a54985c
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Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed cecea85779ea581a4c66b054d21a6b2b0a54985c cecea85779ea581a4c66b054d21a6b2b0a54985c Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/foundation' into foundation-2016
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 0db55619f143a22925a91a2a534df23a0c01c3dc m 0db55619f143a22925a91a2a534df23a0c01c3dc Revert "disable ping and ipv6 tests in appropriate places"
This reverts commit 13075a41ef71a56366debb2f7ac7a596f608f9b2.

I thought assumeTrue() would cause the test to exit without error,
but I'm getting exceptions in Bamboo so I'm gonna work on this
more in a branch.
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 13075a41ef71a56366debb2f7ac7a596f608f9b2 m 13075a41ef71a56366debb2f7ac7a596f608f9b2 disable ping and ipv6 tests in appropriate places
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed a3eecdfd3a92f025bdd024ed0751a99646f4326b m a3eecdfd3a92f025bdd024ed0751a99646f4326b support skipping tests that require IPv6
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed e3c5ed2d7f0d15d91cf7615679573d3e57081e35 m e3c5ed2d7f0d15d91cf7615679573d3e57081e35 use a newer sass maven plugin