Tests: Testless build
Duration: 255 minutes
Changes: Who: Mike Kelly <mkelly@dqe.com>
Why: NMS-10597: Test SNMP Instance persistance selector

Who: mvrueden <mvrueden@users.noreply.github.com>
Why: Merge pull request #2512 from roskens/jira/NMS-10690-maven-warnings
NMS-10690: Fix maven pom warnings

Who: Bamboo Administrator
Why: [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from release-24.1.0:53ea20ace63b118df2a6417d59779064cb409fcb)

Who: Mike Kelly <mkelly@dqe.com>
Why: NMS-10597: Fix the test"s regex

Who: mvrueden <mvrueden@users.noreply.github.com>
Why: Merge pull request #2509 from roskens/HZN-1520
HZN-1520: Remove unused dependency net.simon04.jelementtree:jelementtree

Changes by 3 people
Fo. 2018
OpenNMS - Flapping
Tests: 22 of 4935 failed
Duration: 290 minutes
Changes: Who: Benjamin Reed
Why: Merge pull request #2510 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-10701
NMS-10701: make sure all Jetty code is using 9.4.18

Who: Chandra Gorantla <chandra@opennms.com>
Why: NMS-10678: Fix reload when drools engine encounters exception (#2505)
* NMS-10678: Refactor reloadConfig to make it optional to load state.

Fix the case where there is possibility of sending facts(events) while
the state being marshalled.

* NMS-10678: Reload state from memory in reloadDaemon case.

Add an event param to decide between persistState for users, by default it would persist.
address other review comments.

Who: Benjamin Reed
Why: update github status

Who: Benjamin Reed
Why: check auth token before setting trap